Andrea Wood: Founder, AW Healing Arts

Andrea is a grounded and nurturing energy worker who combines Eastern and Western techniques to reduce stress, promote relaxation and initiate a sense of wellness in clients.

During the course of her career as an Analyst and Marketer, Andrea learned to tune into her soul gifts: deep listening, communication, creativity and teaching. After realizing she is a woman with intuitive and empathic gifts, Andrea trained in conscious communications, energetic healing and shamanic transformation practices. Combined with her background in music and theatre, the fusion of creativity and ritual opened Andrea’s heart to the healing arts.

Andrea studied with Glenn Campbell, Loumitea Gauthier and Nan Moss, following The Foundation for Shamanic Studies curriculum on Core Shamanism. Andrea will begin the Three-Year training program pioneered by Michael Harner, founder of Foundation for Shamanic Studies, in June 2019. 

Andrea is a devotee to the cycles of nature, sound alchemy, Yoga, Qigong, and creatures great and small.

Andrea’s mission is to be in service to her clients so they can make their dreams come true. In addition to offering energy healing, Andrea explores learning, growth, and the possibilities of the big picture with her clients so that they may dive into their personal power and conscious evolution.

I didn’t arrive at my understanding of the universe through my rational mind.


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