As human beings, we depend on one another for food, shelter, and physical contact. To ensure we have access to these survival needs, we learn what is culturally appropriate and what is not. As a result, we lose track of who we were born to be.

Shamanic Healing, Reiki and Compassionate Inquiry guide you back onto your life path. These healing modalities return you to wholeness and reignite the brilliance that exists inside of you

AW Healing Arts offers healing and guidance so that you can move forward in alignment with your soul. 



Andrea Wood.

Shamanic Practitioner.
Reiki Master.

This Shamanic path is the road less travelled. This path can be bumpy and arduous, requiring us to examine all aspects of our lives – from friendships, to work to play. I work with those individuals who wish to understand their heart’s desires, to listen to their souls, and to find a sense of love & belonging in this world.

Relying on techniques from Core Shamanism and Holy Fire / Karuna Reiki, I support individuals so that they can reduce stress, experience relaxation and a sense of wellness. My approach offers individuals clarity about their experience in the world.



All services available as Distance healing.

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Why Us.


Our digital way of life requires an ‘always on’ availability of our emotional and physical bodies.

We simply can’t sustain this level of intensity. To find our soul path, we need to slow down and make space for our emotions. 

I work to help you to navigate into your personal truth. 

We’ll embrace four principles:

 Find a childlike approach to trying new things. Explore the longing of your soul, and surrender to the depths of your emotions.

Develop the willingness to listen to your intuitive knowing. Accept that this is the wisdom that will launch you onto your soul’s path. Accept that trauma, grief, loss all provide guidance about next steps.

Discover and accept your personal power.  Restore balance and wholeness to your life by addressing the root causes of problems.

 Learn about self-love and your capacity for love. Accept that you are worthy of love. Enable your soul to act from a place of love.

Let’s work together to develop your innate strengths. Step onto the path less travelled.


What clients are saying.

My session with Andrea felt deeply grounding, and nourished my soul. I came in feeling frazzled. I left feeling calm and relaxed.


The Holy Fire Reiki kept working for days after my session. It didn’t feel like my other Reiki treatments. I was surprised – but so happy to experience it!


Such a lovely spirit of care, strength and compassion!

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I’d love to hear about your path, or answer any questions about Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Plant Medicine and Compassionate Inquiry.

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