A New Form of Reiki: Holy Fire

Holy Fire Reiki is a new form of Reiki. It is spiritual energy that stimulates a sense of wholeness in the practitioner and recipient alike. The word ‘holy’ is not religious in nature; instead, it refers to this sense of wholeness or wellness offered by the Reiki energy.

As a form of life force energy (or Qi), Holy Fire energy flows through us naturally. It helps us heal in all areas of our lives, providing purification, healing, empowerment and guidance.

Introduced in 2014 by William Lee Rand, the International Center for Reiki Training now includes Holy Fire in all Usui Reiki classes and Karuna Reiki trainings.

“The nature of Holy Fire Reiki energy is that it is continually evolving and developing…as our Holy Fire Reiki energy develops, we become ready for major upgrades that are transmitted during a Holy Fire class.”  

What can I expect from Holy Fire Reiki?

Some of the energetic qualities students experience include:

  • Continuous, always-on presence. Even when you’re not thinking about it.
  • Spontaneously healing as issues come up
  • Deep and quick healing without distress
  • Heals relationships and interactions
  • Releases worry and replaces it with a sense of safety
  • Spontaneously provides digestible guidance at every level of life experience
  • Develops healthy personality traits, such as self love, love for others, kindness, patience, confidence, vitality, enthusiasm, optimism, trust, joy, peace, etc.
  • A deep sense of nurturing love.

Once the Holy Fire energy is received, it continues to develop, evolve and grow more effective.

Most importantly: Holy Fire always respects free will. Though much of the energy is spontaneous, you will never be forced to do anything you are not ready for or comfortable with.

What are the differences between Holy Fire Reiki and Usui Reiki?

Holy Fire energy is a highly refined energy that comes from a higher level of consciousness.

Keep in mind that it is not a case of ‘one against the other’; it is simply what form of Reiki calls to each student on their respective path.


Holy Fire Usui
A continually evolving energy A tradition established almost 200 years ago

The teacher guides the student in a short meditation, then stops talking and allows the Holy Fire energy to empower each student with the “Placement”.


The teacher physically interacts with the student. The Reiki Master manually “Attunes” the student to the Reiki energy.

Energy comes directly from source

The energy streams directly to the student from the Holy Fire.  This allows the energy to retain its purity, allowing it to work in an uninhibited manner.

Energy comes from teacher

The Reiki Master channels the Reiki energy and passing it on to the student. This is why lineage is important in Usui Reiki; to understand the energy and vibration of how the Reiki was passed on.

Where did Holy Fire energy come from?

Holy Fire Reiki came to William Lee Rand in January of 2014 while preparing to teach an ART/Master class.  Rand has been teaching Reiki since the early 90’s and is the founder of the ​International Center for Reiki Training.

“Holy Fire came quickly and unexpectedly into my life as I was not seeking something as powerful and transformative as this. I first became aware of it and that I’d be teaching it on Thursday, January 23, 2014 which is just one day before I was to teach an ART/Master class. I was shown the symbol, received the attunement for it and how to give the attunements during three morning sessions I had with a spiritual adviser I have been seeing regularly for the past 19 years. It was also explained to me that the Holy Fire energy needed to connect to my system in a unique way and that this would require that the Tibetan symbols and the energy of the violet breath be released. These energies had served their purpose and had helped me advance to this point and were also valuable in the healing they facilitated for others, but it was important that I let go of them. Once I gave my permission, the Holy Fire energy came in and in a respectful way created the energetic changes necessary for this to take place. It was also explained that the Tibetan energies will remain appropriate and useful for those who have them and haven’t taken the Holy Fire Reiki training.” – William Lee Rand

Rand explains that Holy Fire reiki comes from source energy (whatever higher power you believe in).  There are no attunements channeled via a Master teacher, but instead, the student receives an ignition. The energy comes directly from the Holy Fire. This energy helps to strengthen our connection to the Divine within us. It also helps to release old trauma from this life, past lives or our ancestors experiences (passed down through DNA).

What can Holy Fire energy help with?

Holy Fire energy provides a direct connection to source, and allows us to make peace with and let go of constraints.  Holy Fire also connects us to our own Divinity and clears away any blockages that have been preventing us from our spiritual awakening and ascension. It helps us to integrate unconditional love, peace and joy into our lives. It generally provides a sense of comfort and freedom – which can help achieve so many goals.

Why do you like Holy Fire, Andrea?

The Holy Fire energy is strong and very hot!  After the ignitions I felt like gentle flames burned out of my palms. I also have a consistent QiGong practice, so I am very comfortable with the concept of energy coming out of the centre of my hand. The Holy Fire energy took this energy up a level; I could feel an intense fiery power that had not before been present.

When doing self-healing or mediating on the Holy Fire energy, I feel empowered and at peace. I didn’t know what to expect when I embarked on the Master/ART training, but I am so pleased I did. Holy Fire has changed my approach to source energy!

Are you interested in experiencing Holy Fire energy?

I offer Holy Fire Reiki energy, teach Holy Fire Reiki classes and offer Holy Fire Meditation experiences. Get in touch to learn more, or to book a session!