Mother Blessing Celebrating WomenA Mother Blessing is a celebration of a woman’s transition into motherhood. Often combined with a baby shower, the ceremony is an empowering event to celebrate the new mother on her path of pregnancy and creation. 

In planning a ceremony for my dear friend and naturopath, Dr Ellen Simone, I’ve fielded dozens of questions about the ceremony. So, I thought I’d provide some insight into what a Mother Blessing might include.

Celebrating a Woman’s Transition into Motherhood

In the anticipation of the arrival of a new baby, we often overlook the remarkable transformation of the woman herself. 

Over 10 moon cycles, a pregnant woman grows and changes. Her body is adapting, offering sacred and fertile space for the development of a new life.

In today’s modern society, we tend to overlook the woman and focuses on the baby. We host baby showers and buy the baby gifts. This is such a nurturing tradition, yet it doesn’t consider another life-changing event: the woman who is becoming a mother. 

Once the baby comes into the world, the woman shifts into a whole new way of being. The pregnant woman is a profoundly creative being, one whose own perception will change with the arrival of the baby. 

The Mother Blessing provides a community of women with the opportunity to celebrate their peer’s transition from woman to mother. It’s an opportunity to offer positive energy and uplifting words of support in the final weeks of pregnancy.

What’s Included in a Mother Blessing?

Mother Blessings are as diverse as the world of women. Each blessing is planned collaboratively with the Mother or her community. The Blessing can be included in a Baby Shower, it can stand alone, or it can be part of a larger ceremony. 

Some of the elements I include in a Mother Blessing ceremony: Floral Crown Mother Blessing

  • Calling in the directions: Asking for the ongoing support of mother nature
  • Offering a floral crown: The expectant mother’s loved ones offer a crown to celebrate her transition into a new way of being.
  • Community activity: The expectant mother’s community works together to offer support. This could include tying on bracelets (to be removed when the mother goes into labour), creating a necklace for protection during labour, or lighting a candle when the expectant mother goes into labour.
  • Honouring the expectant mother: Attendees offer hand/foot/head massages, Reiki or devotion.
  • Creating a work of art: Attendees contribute visual art or written words to create a Blessing book.
  • Celebration of the expectant father: Offering a poem or activity for the expectant father is a lovely devotion to the coming together of the couple to create new life. 
  • Blessing ceremony: A blessing ceremony to empower the expectant mother before her birth. This could include an empowerment dance, drumming or empowerment of an article of clothing or piece of jewelry. 

The options for the Mother Blessing Ceremony are limitless. Expectant mothers can ask for what they feel they need, or can rely on their communities to create a ceremony that reflects what the women who surround them know about the expectant mother. It’s a beautiful way to  bring women together!

Men can Experience Transformation Too!

The Mother Blessing can always include the Father, or even two male parents. 

It’s not just the mother that will experience a huge transformation! The Father’s way of being will also change. The Mother Blessing can also include the Father, and celebrate the unique ways his life will change. 

Is the Mother Blessing Always ‘Spiritual’?

The mother blessing is not associated with any religion or spiritual path. It is available to women of all traditions, and is customized for each woman. In our secular world, we draw on each woman’s sense of spirituality to offer blessings for her transformation

The First Nations Origins

The Blessingway concept grew from First Nation’s tradition. In Navajo communities, the Blessingway is performed to bless and protect a pregnancy, to prevent complications, and to enhance the good fortune of the mother and child. Traditionally, the Navajo Blessingway is a deeply spiritual, sacred, and private event.

I do not replicate the Blessingway ceremony of any nation. Instead, I take inspiration from First Nations Tradition and offer a transmission of communal energy and goodwill to celebrate a new mother. 

Celebrate the Women in your Life

A Mother Blessing is a beautiful way to honour an expectant mother. 

By acknowledging the transformative power of pregnancy, we not only celebrate the impending arrival of a new life – but we also celebrate the woman’s own metamorphosis. The arrival of a new life marks a significant transition for a woman, especially those women who are first time mothers. It is important to celebrate these expectant mothers as women to remind them that without their nurturing, new life wouldn’t be possible.