What is Reiki Share?

Ever found yourself wondering what happens at Reiki Share? Or in a Reiki Circle?

Reiki Share offers the opportunity to learn about and practice Reiki in a supportive, community setting. 

These Shares are ideal for newcomers and practitioners alike. Together we learn about the energy and share stories about our experiences.

Reiki Share offers a safe, positive, and non-judgmental environment for practising Reiki. 

Each participant will have the opportunity to give and receive Reiki.

Each share is hosted by a Reiki Master, who guides the evening, answers questions and offers support to participants. 

Reiki Share is now available in the Glebe Annex in Ottawa! Join us the first Thursday of every month to share in the Reiki energy at Holistic Roots.

When’s the next Reiki Share?

Reiki Share takes place the first Thursday of every month, from 7-9pm.  

  • November 7, 2019
  • December 5, 2019
  • January 2, 2020
  • February 6, 2020
  • March 5, 2020
  • April 2, 2020

Questions about these dates? Get in touch!

How do I reserve my spot?

We limit the Reiki share to 8 people. 

Reserve your spot (or one for a friend!) online

Where does your Reiki Share take place?

This Reiki Share takes place at Holistic Roots, just west of Bronson and south of the 417. 

You can find us at:

475 Cambridge Street South Ottawa Ontario K1S 4H6

Who’s invited to attend?

We welcome all participants, newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

For the newcomer: Reiki Share is an opportunity to learn about the benefits of Reiki, and to experience the possibilities offered by Reiki. 

For the practitioner: Reiki Share offers an opportunity to practise the skills you learned in your Reiki training. Practise can help build your connection to the energy, while the discussion portion of the evening provides clarifications about the energy. 

Practitioners of all streams of Reiki are welcome to attend this share. 

What can I expect from the evening?

Our primary interest is your Reiki education and safety. We adapt each healing to your needs, and encourage you to take the steps that respect your needs. 

This it what happens at our Reiki Share. The average evening unfolds something like this:

  • Reiki Share to Learn ReikiArrive prior to 7pm
  • Reiki Share starts promptly at 7pm (to ensure we end on time)
  • Each participant receives a Reiki attunement, enabling the energy to flow throughout the evening 
  • Each participant gets a turn on the table. We offer hands-off healing or hands-on, depending on your comfort level.
  • All other participants offer Reiki
  • After each session, we discuss our experiences and ask questions
  • Finish at 9pm

How long is the evening?

Reiki Share at Holistic Roots is 2 hours long. The evening begins at 7pm and wraps up at 9pm. 

How many people can I expect?

We limit the share to 8 people.

When 8 people attend, we run two tables. Each table hosts 4 participants. One person will receive healing, the other 3 offer healing.

We minimize the number of hands on each participant. Too many hands can feel claustrophobic. The goal is to relax, so we do what we can to make each participant comfortable.  

Who is the host?

Andrea Wood, Usui / Holy Fire Reiki Master, hosts the Reiki Share at Holistic Roots.

Why do you host Reiki Share?

I host Reiki Share to expose more people to the power of Reiki. I believe that Reiki Share is an opportunity to introduce newcomers to the Reiki energy, to answer their questions and to encourage them to explore energy healing.

Reiki is a beautiful, transformative energy that needs to be experienced to be believed. I love offering my knowledge and insights to help other practitioners expand their capacity as Reiki healers. 

 If you’re curious, I strive to offer a supportive and nurturing environment in each share.