Enter the Dreamtime

A Celebration of Winter Solstice

Enter the Dreamtime: an event to celebrate the season of stillness – where creative ideas come to life. 

As Autumn completes its slide into Winter, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are presented with an opportunity to come into stillness. To mimic the earth and all her glories.

The trees have dropped their leaves, sending their energy into the root system below. They fully accept that the deep freeze will soon set in, and that this season of stillness is part of their annual cycle. They chose to preserve their energy, settling down for a season of rest so that growth may start anew in the spring. 

21st Century Digital Life

21st Century Digital life certainly reshapes our perspective on life and the way we interact with nature. We’ve got so many choices: how to behave on the colder days, who to be in the snowy conditions, what activities to choose when the heart of winter takes its hold on our surroundings. 

This ceremony celebrates the acceptance of winter, and the teachings of Mother Earth. 

It’s my goal, in offering this Dreamtime Ceremony, to:

  • celebrate the winter solstice in all its dark intensity
  • acknowledge the rich gifts the season can bring to us 
  • value the rhythms of nature in community 

Dreamtime, Storytelling and Ceremony

Remember your dreams
They tell you what you need to do
Ask elders what your dreams mean
You will learn more about
Meaning in Your Life
The Contributions you should make
– Garry Raven, Anishinaabe, 1996

In traditional cultures, Winter is lauded as a season for settling down with dreams. To give ourselves the time to simply be. The time to feel into emotions, to spend time and learn together with family, and to listen to stories. 

And to sleep. To respect the rhythms of nature. To go to bed with the sun, or shortly thereafter, and to fall into deep, undisturbed sleep. To meander through our dreams, absorbing the sights and sounds, and finding our path into the future.

Seek your dream, Live your dream

In fact, if we can settle down and listen to our dreams over the winter season, we can gain clarity and insight about moving forward come the spring.

Seek your dream, live your dream, understand your dream, and move forward with your dream. – Tobasonakwut Kinew, Anishinaabe

The Winter Solstice ceremony will ask you to set an intention. To identify a situation you can’t comprehend, or problem you can’t solve. When you settle down for your ‘long winter’s nap’, you set the intention to dream about and find the clarity you need to proceed. Each and every night throughout the winter season, you’ll make the choice to dream about your desired situation, and to see the outcome that best serves your needs.

This Winter Solstice ceremony will ground that intention, open the dreaming season, and celebrate your life as a season of nature. 

Welcome the Dreamtime in Community

I subscribe to the belief that everything in the universe is connected. That includes all of the people in this world, all the natural elements, animals, plants, land and minerals. 

We are at a point of great opportunity for change. By taking a communal, long-range view our dreams can respect those who came before us, and those who will come after us. Celebrating the solstice together is a beautiful opportunity to acknowledge our individual stories and the greater connectivity of all the elements in the world. 

My dream is to celebrate the start of this beautiful dreamtime together, and to dance our dreams into reality as a celebration of the arrival of spring.

Join us December 21!

Enter the Dreamtime: A Celebration of Winter Solstice
December 21, 2019
7 – 9pm
Metta Movement and Meditation Studio
5 Hamilton Avenue North, Ottawa Ontario

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