Great Spirit Moon & Dreamtime

The Great Spirit Moon soars high in the winter sky. It offers a reminder to be at peace with ourselves – and with all of creation. 

The January Moon – or Great Spirit Moon – is a reminder that the dreamtime is still in process, and that the spirit world is very closely aligned with the human world.

A Moment in the Dark

After winter solstice, many people focus on the return of the light. The longest night has passed, and the nights are surely growing shorter. Yet, the dreamtime is still in full effect. Until the thaw of spring, when snow begins to melt and the sun grows warmer, we can still bathe in the magic of dreamtime. 

Dreamtime is strongest in the dark. During the winter nights, while the earth is blanketed in show, that’s the time to snuggle into our spirituality. That’s the time to get intimate with our own beliefs. 

The dreamtime presents an opportunity to draw inwards. It is a time for vision seeking, storytelling, listening.

A Time To Listen Closely

The rise of Great Spirit Moon asks that we grow still and listen to the ruminations – the sounds only heard when we grow oh-so quiet. These whispers bubble out of the soul and speak the words of Great Spirit. These ruminations are only heard by those listening for subtle cues. 

These cues – they are not vast or complicated. They are often very simple hints about how each of us can honour ourselves. They present cues about hounouring our paths, which weave into the greater unfolding of creation. 

Great Spirit Moon Prompts Us to Move Forward

While Great Spirit Moon illuminates the January sky, the stars are at their brightest. The spirit path – otherwise known as the milky way – is vibrant in the night sky. 

It’s thought that the human soul travel the path of the milky way upon leaving this world for the next. At the fork in the milky way, the soul returns to its star. 

All humans have their own, unique soul star. Just like each of us have our own unique path. We all have our own ways of manifesting our lives, which contributes to the web of life. The interconnected whole that makes up the universe.

When we listen, like we do in the Dreamtime, we can hear the guidance to move forward. Without forcing, without strategy. Just gentle flow. Natural flow. In receptivity.

This is, perhaps, the most complicated thing to accept. Given our daily lives of schedules and plans, of doing achieving executing. Our paths reveal themselves if given the space, time and devotion to present themselves.

You can hear the subtle cues, the natural stories, in meditation, in reconnection with nature and in dreams. 

Follow the Rhythm of Nature Winter Trees Dreamtime

By the start of dreamtime, the trees have long since lost their leaves. The tree no longer puts energy into creating greenery. Instead, the tree goes into a form of hibernation. The focus now drops into the roots, focusing on using only nutrients and energy stored in the roots.

Dreamtime offers you a similar choice: to follow the rhythm of nature. To go within, to rely only on the energy sourced from deep inside yourself. To stay grounded in the season, not wishing for something different. For ‘better’ weather, for different weather. 

Remember: for everything there is a season. From this perspective, there is no better weather. There is only weather. If we allow ourselves to live in each season, we can find a whole new sense of purpose and resiliency. 

What does dreamtime have in store for you?

What do you hold in your heart? In your being? 

Actively setting an intention for the dreamtime commits your soul to growth. 

During this beautiful winter period, we can focus on dreaming and listening to our souls. We can be ourselves, look at our patterns, our habits, our histories. We can also ask for clarity and guidance. 

This is an opportunity to drop into your inner knowing. 

Listen to your soul. What intention is it asking of you for dreamtime?

What possibility exists deep within your soul when you tune in and listen?