The Era of The Shambhala Warriors

Shambhala Who? Shambhala Warriors are people of spirit. They bring about great change and healing, without fear, in the face of power.  As this age of environmental, political and social turmoil rolls into a new year, its hard not to feel a certain sense of despair. What WILL happen to this world in the coming [...]

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Enter the Dreamtime: Celebrating Winter Solstice

Enter the Dreamtime A Celebration of Winter Solstice Enter the Dreamtime: an event to celebrate the season of stillness - where creative ideas come to life.  As Autumn completes its slide into Winter, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are presented with an opportunity to come into stillness. To mimic the earth and all [...]

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Mother Blessing: Celebrating the Mother

A Mother Blessing is a celebration of a woman’s transition into motherhood. Often combined with a baby shower, the ceremony is an empowering event to celebrate the new mother on her path of pregnancy and creation.  In planning a ceremony for my dear friend and naturopath, Dr Ellen Simone, I’ve fielded dozens of questions about [...]

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Shamanic Healing: What is Shamanism?

What is Shamanism? Shamanism is an ancient form of spiritual healing. It may be the oldest form of healing on the planet, dating back approximately thirty thousand years. It has been found in indigenous cultures in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Central and Northern Asia, Eastern and Northern Europe and Africa. Shamanic healing techniques [...]

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