Project Description

Blessingway Ceremonies

Celebrating the expectant mother or parents

A Blessingway Ceremony, or Mother Blessing, is the celebration of a woman’s transition into motherhood.

The ceremony is an empowering event to celebrate the woman on her path of pregnancy, creation and motherhood.

What’s involved

Blessingway Ceremonies are as diverse as the world of women.

Each ceremony is planned collaboratively with the Mother or her community. The Blessing can stand alone, or be part of a baby shower.

Some of the elements included in a Blessingway Ceremony:

  • Calling in the directions
  • Offering a floral crown
  • Community activity (eg. tying on bracelets, creating a necklace, lighting candles)
  • Honouring the expectant mother with massage, reiki, devotions.
  • Creating a work of art
  • Celebration of the expectant father
  • A mother blessing and shamanic empowerment

The options for the Mother Blessing Ceremony are limitless.

What you’ll take away

This is an opportunity to offer positive energy and uplifting words of support to the woman, on her path to motherhood, in the final weeks of pregnancy.

By acknowledging the transformative power of pregnancy, we not only celebrate the impending arrival of a new life – but we also celebrate the woman’s own metamorphosis. The arrival of a new life marks a significant transition for a woman, especially those women who are first time mothers. It is important to celebrate these expectant mothers as women to remind them that without their nurturing, new life and community wouldn’t be possible.

Important Note

The Mother Blessing can always include the Father, or even two male parents.

It’s not just the mother that will experience a huge transformation! The Father’s way of being will also change. The Mother Blessing can also include the Father, and celebrate the unique ways his life will change.