Project Description


Requesting personal information or advice

Divination is the first step in every shamanic healing. Prior to every treatment, I do a shamanic divination to ask my helping spirits what course of action will be best for the individual at that time. 

Individuals may also request information -without seeking further healing – about their soul path. In this case, I connect with my helping spirits to seek personal information and/or advice as requested by the client. 

What’s involved

A client approaches me with a heart-centred question. We work together to formulate a Who, What, Where, Why, How question. These questions vary in intent, and can range from health, relationship, family, self-development, career, ancestral connection or general well-being.

We’ll finish the session by discussing the advice from my helping spirits. 

What you’ll take away

I journey to my compassionate, helping spirits and pose the question. I will return from the journey and provide a response to the question. 

Helping spirits provide their unique perspectives and offer spiritual healing; they will not make decisions for us. They are also not easily influenced. The purpose of Shamanic healing is to restore our independence and freewill so we may be empowered to walk our soul paths. 

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