Project Description

Shamanic Healing

Addressing the spiritual aspect of well-being

Well-being must be treated from a spiritual and physical perspective. 

Shamanic healing deals with the spiritual component of illness.

What’s involved

Each shamanic healing starts when the client requests a healing. With the client’s permission, I connect with my compassionate helping spirits for advice and direction. I enter an altered state of consciousness, similar to a dream state, to ask my helping spirits for guidance. My helping spirits provide detailed information about the best healing path for your treatment, including information that will help on your soul path. 

Healing methods may include:

Soul retrieval: Reintegrating hidden soul parts
Power animal retrieval: Restoring spiritual power
Energy extraction: Removal of spiritual intrusions
Divination: Requesting personal information or advice
Empowerment: Passing on the power of helping spirits
Psychopomp: Providing safe passage of souls to the afterlife
Shamanic drum healing: Passing the power of helping spirits via the drum

We’ll finish the session by discussing the healing, addressing any guidance from my helping spirits and options for future healing sessions.

What you’ll take away

Shamanic healing occurs on the soul level. It restores personal power and returns us to a state of vitality.

After a shamanic healing, you will experience a boost in energy, and a sense of freedom or spaciousness. It may take up to 6 weeks to notice a shift. The changes prompted by shamanic healing are gentle and gradual. 

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Shamanic healing practices are spiritual in nature.

They do not interfere with any medical treatments a client may be following under a doctor’s care. In no way does shamanic work replace such medical treatments.

I do not diagnose or treat injuries or illness, nor do I prescribe any medications. Shamanic treatments are in no way intended to take the place of a doctor’s care. Shamanic treatments are seen as a complementary aid to a client’s physical and mental well-being.