Project Description

Home & Office Clearing

Making a space your own

Overtime, energy builds up in physical spaces. When we move into a new space, we may want to make the energy of the place our own. Or, we may want to refresh the space we live in – perhaps to start anew or mark a new phase of life.

All parts of a dwelling or office, from the building itself to the air, furniture or household items, can be cleared to remove feelings of disharmony.

What’s involved

Space clearing, for either the home or office.

To begin the process, I will call in my helping spirits and smudge the space (using sweet grass, sage or cedar). I’ll then determine what methods will work best for your space.

Next, I’ll walk through your space clearing the unwanted energy, and providing safe passage of the energy to the destination that offers the greatest good. 

To close, we’ll work together to invite in new energy and intentions.

What you’ll take away

After the clearing you’ll experience a sense of lightness and peace within your space.  By setting new intentions and inviting in fresh energy, the space will feel more settled, and be prepared to offer new beginnings.